The Upturn - L’embellie 
“L’embellie” collection seen in the lense of my dad, the photographer Hervé Tenot.
This is also a collaboration with the stylist Farah El Bastani.

Photographer: Hervé Tenot - Models  Manon Rabé & Anna Suárez Groen - Styling: Farah El Bastani - Make up artist : Zoë Derks - Location: Kanal Centre Pompidou

A huge thanks to my sponsors: Levi Strauss & Co, Filippo Bardazzi, Entraide Française ASBL, Concordia Textiles, Soieries Chambutaires, Max Bloch, YKK & Bidules Eyewear

I also would like to warmly thank Nicolas Hendrick, Hortense Tillet, Emma Giffard-Bouvier, Bleuen Brosolo, Nora Somer, Fernando Miro, Birgit Hubloux, Pierre Daras, Maylis Duvivier & Tony Delcampe without whom the collection would not have been the same.

Interpretation of the collection by the videomaker Antoine Grenez, sound design by Nicolas Hendrick