This new collection is a research on the idea of binding two beings into one. It’s a reflection on the feeling od forming a single entity with the loved one: wanting to show it formally the masculine and the feminine are merged on a common piece, the dress codes are mixed. I worked on tailoring codes or even men’s shirts linked to a much more feminine wardrobe.

Patterns are presents on each garment, and despite their very strong identity, they blend and respond to each other to create an unexpected and original marriage.

Photographer: Hervé Tenot - Model: Louisa (IMM), Alyona (Perfect Model) et Audrey (Jackie Lee) - Make-up: Sinem Yalcinkaya -
Special thanks to Nicolas Hendrick, Fernando Miro, Raphaël Bauduin & Dylan Delval  
Huge thanks to my sponsors: Alberto Bardazzi, Bucol, Denis & Fils, Ratti, Riri & Walter Lecompte